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Burton Agnes Hall at Christmas

With only two weeks to go until Christmas, I am sure we are all starting to get into the festive spirit. I certainly am, and with a young daughter to keep entertained I’m always on the look out for Christmas activities. For anyone looking for seasonal activities in Yorkshire, or for things to do with the kids, you can’t go wrong with a visit to Burton Agnes Hall. If you read my blog post following my visit in September, you will know I am a big fan of this stunning Elizabethan County House.

Running from the 14th November to 23rd December, Burton Agnes Hall is celebrating Christmas in style. Visitors to the house will find the already lovely interiors, decorated with with stunning lights, christmas trees, garlands, and everything in between! Burton Agnes Hall has been turned into a stunning winter wonderland! I fell in love with this beautiful home when I visited in September, so when I was looking for a Christmas day out with my daughter and parents, I knew Burton Agnes Hall would not disappoint. My parents had been wanting to visit for a while, so on a wet and miserable mid-week day in December we decided to have a day out together and do something festive.

Upon arriving at Burton Agnes Hall, we paid our entrance fees, and made our way through the mirk and drizzle to the front entrance of the stunning house. Once inside, we made our way in through the entrance hall, and into the magnificent Great Hall. On this occasion the Great Hall was dominated by a huge Christmas tree, decorated with gold and silver baubles, and looking very grand indeed. A roaring fire burned beneath the intricately detailed chimney piece, and peaceful christmas hymns played out around the vast space.

For more on the Great Hall, and Burton Agnes in general check out my full review, but I don’t mind repeating how beautiful this vast space is. My parents were super impressed, and my daughter Oaklie was fascinated with the beautiful colours, lights, and magic, contained within this warm and welcoming space. As usually Oaklie was super psyched by such a massive place to explore, and I had all on trying to keep her from touching absolutely everything.

Anyway, we made our way around the beautiful house, and marvelled at the decorations along the way. Like at Burton Constable Hall, the organisers at Burton Agnes Hall had hidden a number of snowmen around the house – a very nice touch for children and adults alike. I think there were around 8 in total, with one hidden in each room. For a 2 year old, Oaklie has very keen eyes. It was great exploring each room in turn, with Oaklie pointing out each hidden snowman with glee!

The rooms of Burton Agnes Hall are all always beautifully decorated, but with the Christmas theme going on, the house was absolutely magical. We passed through the Parlour, The Chinese Room and the Dining Room. Every room looked stunning. There were decorated trees, lights, baubles, and winter arrangements everywhere!

As I explain in my full review, there are three floors to explore at Burton Agnes Hall, with a lovely wooden staircase servicing them. The Christmas theme continues throughout the house, with the first floor also looking marvellous. I particularly enjoyed the Drawing Room on my last visit. This large, airy room is full of light, and on this occasion featured icicles and branches arranged like an outdoors winter garden.

The King and Queen’s Bedrooms were also in their element, decorated in golds and reds, and with warm coloured lights giving the rooms a cosy feel. Fortunately I didn’t see the ghost!

The third floor of Burton Agnes Hall is very much dominated by the barrel shaped Long Gallery, which runs the length of the house. On our visit the Gallery was lined with trees containing soft coloured lights, and star shaped baubles. The library had been transformed into a nativity scene, and the reading room had been made into a bit of a santa’s workshop, with a life sized santa and an elf by the far wall, busily making toys.

Having seen some of the decorations on Instagram prior to my visit, I knew the house was going to look beautiful. It did not disappoint. The grand spaces of Burton Agnes Hall had been beautifully decorated, and made for a wonderfully magical experience. On the way out we also visited the Santa’s Grotto which is situated within the old stable block next to the cafe. Oaklie was keen to explore this and she loved seeing Santa’s sled full of toys!

At just £12 per adult, I felt that the Christmas experience was well worth the entry fee. The prices were no more expensive than any other time of the year, and the fact that you get the Christmas experience for no extra cost represents excellent value for the money. There is plenty to do within the house, and on better weather days you can also explore the grounds and gardens. For people looking for family friendly Christmas days out in Yorkshire, or individuals looking for a bit of Christmas inspiration, You can’t go wrong with a visit to Burton Agnes Hall.

For my full review of Burton Agnes Hall, and more photographs, click here.

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